7 things to remember when choosing a medical / hospital bed

The right hospital bed will provide a safe environment for your patient, improve clinical efficacy and help reduce the risk of injuries to you and your colleagues.


Helpful points to keep in mind when choosing a bed:

  • Is the patient being nursed in a general med-surg ward, high dependency or intensive care?
  • What hospital bed functions do you need to help with patient repositioning and pressure ulcer prevention?
  • What choice of mattress do you need to use with the bed?
  • Low height favours safety and early mobilisation, so how low do you need the hospital bed to go?
  • Do you need in bed weighing, bed exit alarm or an anti-entrapment system?
  • Is there enough clearance under the hospital bed to allow easy access for hoists and bedside tables?
  • Do you need open accessibility on the bed, so it is easy to clean and maintain?

Remember when choosing a bed for your patients it needs to be comfortable and easy to use.

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