Can't find your healthcare equipment?

There is a general trend in the care environment that essential and expensive equipment is getting smaller and more mobile.  

On average, hospitals over procure 20-30% of their mobile assets and lose up to 15% of critical equipment each year.1 

A healthcare facility may have equipment that is very valuable from a procurement perspective, or the equipment utilisation could be very high.  When such equipment is needed, it is needed right away and there is precious little time to spend searching for it. Examples of such equipment include IV pumps, temporary pacemakers, beds, mobile lifters, ECG machines, mobile ECMO etc.

Today, all healthcare customers in all sectors are facing significant, immediate and long term financial challenges, so there is an increased focus on driving efficiencies by improving equipment utilisation and minimising excess procurement.


This has driven us to find a convenient solution to care facilities focus on creating care environments that facilitate earlier patient mobility, a reduced incidence of adverse events and improved workflows whist enabling caregivers to provide high quality care.

Introducing Arjo Locate: Don’t search, just find. The Arjo Locate service helps you track the location of critically needed equipment in real-time with just a touch, incorporating two levels of accuracy:

  • Find equipment with an accuracy of within 3 metres
  • Find equipment within a specific area i.e. in the radiology department

Arjo Locate is easy to install and requires no hardwiring or disruptive installation work in your busy care environment. Compared to a hardwired solution, which could take months to install, the installation time of Arjo Locate takes just days or weeks, depending on the size of the facility and coverage area. 

As Arjo Locate is a cloud-based solution, it requires no local software installation. It can be used to instantly locate not just Arjo equipment, but any equipment that can be tagged.

Care staff are increasingly tasked with doing more, but with less resources. Problems can arise when often critical equipment is not available in the right place at the right time. Stop wasting valuable resources on searching for, over purchasing or replacing your medical equipment. With Arjo Locate, you can find the equipment you need with just a touch.

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1. Supply Chain Management: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications. Information Resources Management Association. 2013. Page 1422. ISBN 978-1-4666-2625-6