Capacity pressures in Ireland

In its 2018 Healthcare Capacity Review1, the Irish Health Service reported that the current system appears to be operating at or above capacity, and the demand for healthcare is expected to grow significantly in the next 15 years.

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It was found that acute bed occupancy was running at around 95% across the hospital system, and in a number of cases individual hospitals are running at close to 100%. This is abnormally high, with the international ‘norm’ being around 85%.

They cited international evidence indicating that high bed occupancy is associated with a number of adverse factors including increased risk of healthcare associated infections such as MRSA, increased mortality, increased probability of an adverse event and risks to staff welfare. 

In Ireland, many are calling for a complete healthcare model reform in order to enhance the flow of people through the healthcare system, not only in the acute but also community setting. Just increasing bed numbers will not solve the overall problem as there are other resources that also need to be addressed e.g. staffing, infrastructure, funding etc. However, shorter term support is sometimes needed when capacity is at its peak. 

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1. (Accessed 26/9/18)