Choosing the right equipment for plus size patients

A complete care package is based on an individual assessment, taking into consideration factors such as weight, weight distribution, skin management, mobility and related health problems. The principles of good care are the same in the management of a plus size person as in any other patient group.

Within the “ergonomic envelope”1, correct equipment provision plays a fundamental role in maintaining a person’s independence or supporting rehabilitation.2 Procurement of equipment must ensure that it is supplied in a timely manner, fit for purpose and compatible with other equipment being used within the environment to undertake an activity. Incorrect equipment provision can disable the person, delay their discharge and reduce their quality of life.3

Overweight, obese and morbidly obese people have a right to safe, dignified care, and caregivers have a right to a safe working environment. Maintaining sensitivity to the special needs of a plus size person and preserving patient dignity is vitally important. Patients of size often feel insecure due to their size alone as well as the special equipment required for care.

Below is a solutions summary4 to help choose the right equipment based on the persons mobility level.

guidebook plus size mobility gallery table

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