Choosing the right transfer method for plus size patients

Good bariatric care1 requires not only special handling equipment with appropriate weight ratings, but also solutions that take into account the associated care required for patients of different body shapes.2


The handling of plus size patients can be time consuming and potentially physically strenuous for caregivers. Without the proper equipment, both caregivers and patients can be at risk of serious injury.3 Choosing the right transfer method is essential for the safety and comfort of caregivers and patients. Transfer solutions for plus size patients need to be based on individual assessments which mean routines can be managed with confidence.

Technology is now available to take the patient ‘load’ off caregivers.4 And, in providing such technology assistance in handling and mobilising patients, the risk of injury for caregivers is decreased significantly, resulting in fewer and less severe injuries to nurses and other patient care providers.5 

Transfer methods should always ensure safe handling to protect the patient’s skin integrity. For less mobile patients, suitable electrically powered lifters handle transfers with ease, giving caregivers full handset control of the routine. If the patient requires the assistance of a passive lifter, choosing the right sling for the patient’s size and body shape1 is vital for comfort and safety. With the right solutions, plus size patients can experience comfortable and dignified care – through every step of their journey.

Maintaining patient dignity is vitally important for caregivers. This is especially so for patients of size who dislike the extra attention and perceived stigma associated with use of specialist bariatric equipment while in the hospital.

Transfer solutions should always enable safe care environments and save valuable time – both for patients and residents as well as caregivers.

Arjo’s range of bariatric handling equipment ensures facilities can handle plus size patients ergonomically and with streamlined efficiency. All solutions, including ceiling lifts, passive floor lifters and slings are specifically designed to enable caregivers to optimise the dignity and comfort of plus size patients throughout handling tasks.

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