Efficient Hospital Bed Capacity

The average bed occupancy rate this winter remained very high, at 93.5%.1
NHS Improvement has said that at bed occupancy levels over 92%, emergency care standards will deteriorate, while the NAO put the suggested maximum safe bed occupancy levels at 85%.However, the worst day of the winter saw 95.7% of beds across England occupied (6th February 2019).1ArjoHuntleigh-medical-bed-enterprise-platform

In December 2018, BMA analysed the beds shortage across the NHS, suggesting that the NHS needed an additional 10,000 beds (including escalation beds) this winter in order to keep occupancy below dangerous levels.3

It has also been highlighted that the NHS is missing many of its key targets with more patients getting stuck in hospital. Delayed transfers – which some call bed-blocking – are running at their highest ever level, with 193,680 bed days lost because of it in November 2016, according to official NHS figures.4

Doctors are finding it difficult to discharge patients because the support services in the community needed for the most vulnerable are not always available. Also a reduced number of NHS Staff to discharge patients is exacerbating the growing crisis. Hospitals can reach capacity, meaning that new patients are unable to be received or examined.5

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