Helping to reduce the ergonomic risks associated with transferring and transporting patients

Transporting patients in beds throughout hospitals can be considered an ergonomically high risk activity and has been rated as one of the top routine patient handling tasks that may result in complaints of musculoskeletal pain by caregivers in the healthcare environment.


The case for powered bed transport by Matz M and Morgan J (2018) explores the physical impacts of transportation and resultant push/pull forces on caregivers along with suggestions for decreasing the amount of work required from users by utilising a powered drive assist technology. 

The design and action of most sit to stand assistive devices is considered to be active as the device requires some balance, trunk control and weight bearing ability in the person being assisted. However, there is concern that the movement is mostly passive and the support and structure of the device creates and controls all movements in the lower limbs due to fixation at the trunk and knee. The study by Fray et al (2018) explores the patterns of movement in natural movement against the movements seen in assisted transfers.

You can learn more about both of these studies in relation to reducing the ergonomic risks associated with sit to stand and patient transportation activities at the National Back Exchange conference on 24th September.

Arjo will be facilitating a workshop introducing the delegates to evidence based practice and a practical workshop. This will allow each delegate to identify the relationship between the movement patterns in an unassisted active sit to stand, active stand to sit, and the movements recorded when using sit to stand assistive devices for both tasks. In addition, each delegate will also be able to understand the challenges associated with bed transportation including the ergonomic risks experienced by caregivers, and how a powered 5th wheel can provide ergonomic benefits and workforce reduction.

The workshop will be held at the NBE conference in Hinckley on Monday 24th September 15.00 – 15.45 in the Paris Suite

Arjo is also entering the IndiGoTM Powered 5th Wheel Drive Assist technology for the NBE Innovation Award. Visit Stand 21 in the London Suite to test drive IndiGo and find out why you should vote for it! You will also have the opportunity to experience our other safe patient handling solutions and discuss your requirements with our experienced team.

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Matz, M., Morgan, J. (2018) The case for powered bed transportation. White Paper, Arjo