How has Arjo Locate helped this hospital save valuable time?

Stepping Hill Hospital have been using the Arjo Locate solution to help them save essential time which was being spent on searching for equipment. 

Arjo Locate trial

This is what the EBME Manager, Peter Bradshaw, thinks of Arjo Locate after using the system for four months:

"Locating equipment is something that we have an on-going battle with as Medical Electronics. We often get calls from departments asking if we can help to locate medical equipment. We trialled Arjo Locate to solve this issue.

We decided to trial the software in our Emergency Department as a lot of medical equipment moves around and end up disappearing!

The prep work did not take long. Richard from Arjo went round our ED and mapped out the floor plan then we began to place the observers around ED. We then began to tag the equipment with the receivers. We tagged the equipment that moves around a lot such as ECG, Patient Monitors, Bladder Scanners and Ultrasounds.

The total set up time totalled to around 2.5 hours.

Once the system was live, the first thing I have noticed was the decreased number of calls from ED asking where their Patient Monitors were. Using the software, the staff were able to locate the equipment and focus more on patient care.

The added benefit was having a live location of equipment. We could see equipment moving from area to area in real time.

With regard to equipment maintenance, we were able to quickly locate the equipment and perform the required maintenance. By using Arjo Locate to help find unserviced medical equipment, we reduced the time spent looking for equipment and more time performing maintenance. This allows us to provide a safer service and gives assurance to the clinical staff that the equipment has been serviced and is safe to use on patients.

Working with ARJO has been fantastic; Danielle and Richard have been very professional and supportive with getting the trial underway and their support to the EBME staff and clinical staff."

Peter Bradshaw
EBME Manager

Feedback from more staff at Stepping Hill:

“We have seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of calls from our Emergency Department, equipment has been a lot easier to locate by clinical staff.”
Zain (EBME Engineer)

“Arjo Locate has made life so much easier. When conducting our servicing, we would spend more time looking for equipment rather than servicing! With Arjo Locate, we are able to spend more time servicing equipment and ensuring medical equipment is safe for patients.”
Hamaad (EBME Engineer)

“Real-time location of medical equipment has had an increasingly positive impact on hospital staff, reducing pressure of finding equipment in a fast paced environment and allowing repairs to be carried out with minimal disruption. On numerous occasions EBME have approached staff asking about the location of equipment reported. Arjo Locate have made it easier for us by allowing staff to use portable devices, such as an iPads to locate equipment on the go!”
Saima Qasim

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