How one hospital has stopped wasting time looking for essential equipment

For some time now, the EBME team at Stepping Hill Hospital (SHH) have had difficulty finding equipment when it was due for servicing. Staff have spent considerable amounts of time searching for equipment that would have been better spent on patient care, which led to the search for a solution to this common problem.

When presented with the Arjo Locate solution, EBME Manager Peter Bradshaw was very impressed with the quick installation and easy to use interface.

Arjo Locate trial

Arjo Locate is a cloud-based tracking solution that shows the location of your equipment in real-time, and is accessible from any computer or smart device. The subscription model allows you to avoid having to raise capital funding while providing a clear understanding of the total annual cost.

SHH decided to host the trial in the department where time was most critical – the emergency department. The agreed scope would track up to 40 medical devices, including ECG monitors, patient monitors, vein locaters and ultrasound machines, identified by the staff as the critical equipment which they have most difficulty locating. 

On the day of installation, Arjo staff arrived at 9am and by lunchtime all the initial readers had been installed and over 20 items had been tagged for tracking. This was followed by a swift demonstration to the EBME team, who were then able to tag and assign the remaining devices. All that was left to do was demonstrate how to use Arjo Locate to the emergency department staff. 

There has been a real buzz amongst the SHH staff about Arjo Locate. The trust members involved have commented on how impressed they are with the speed of the installation and how easy it is to find the equipment they need. 

Care staff are increasingly tasked with doing more, but with less resources. Problems can arise when often critical equipment is not available in the right place at the right time. Spending less time searching for equipment means your staff can free up more time to actually care for patients, which is great for your patients as well as your staff, and ultimately for your care facility.

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