How to get the most out of your patient handling equipment

The most common challenge facing healthcare organisations today is funding, causing many healthcare facilities to service and maintain equipment well beyond it’s recommended life. Often equipment becomes uneconomical to repair, or due to a change in use of a facility the equipment no longer meets the needs of the patients being supported.

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Read what one customer thought of ProACT™, a professional programme designed to work in partnership with you to deliver the very best outcomes:

"The Arjo ProACT team were invited to carry out their advertised ProACT Audit in April 2019. The Trust has a number of handling equipment such as hoists and standing hoists that are coming to the end of their life as they were purchased around the same time. The idea was to find a most cost effective way of replacing equipment as individual wards buy this equipment with their ward budget.

The audit looked at the type, age and equipment available along with service and maintenance compliance. Along with this, it was recognised that the dependency and mobility levels of patients are changing as acuity level were taken into consideration when making bespoke recommendations for the Trust.

This invaluable report has highlighted equipment gaps and surplus equipment. It has also identified older or obsolete equipment which no longer has service support. The report supported the Moving and Handling teams’ recommendation for new equipment to meet current patient functional needs and care clinical area by clinical area.

This information has enabled us to consider a 5 year replacement plan, identifying a peak in 3 years’ time.The ProAct audit has helped the Trust reconsider how equipment is purchased. Procurement are leading on a project with the MH team and EBME considering a more central approach, and rotating equipment around areas where the need is greatest and spreading the usage from less use to areas where usage is high.

The report is comprehensive and has been an extremely useful tool for the provision of new equipment and the safety around existing equipment."

Sue Southey, Senior Specialist Moving & Handling Advisor
Ashford & St Peters Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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