Obesity health costs are estimated to reach £9.7billion by 2050

In 2016/17 there were 617,000 admissions in NHS hospitals where obesity was recorded as the primary or a secondary diagnosis. This is an increase of 18% on 2015/16.1 A secondary diagnosis of obesity does not necessarily indicate obesity as a contributing factor for the admission, but may instead indicate that obesity is a factor relevant to a patient’s episode of care.2 Obesity and weight management are a direct cause of many health problems.3

Obesity costs

The UK-wide NHS costs attributable to overweight and obesity are projected to reach £9.7billion by 2050, with wider costs to society estimated to reach £49.9billion per year.4 Around 75% of NHS trusts do not have an obesity plan or policy in place.5 The association between obesity and increased risk of many serious diseases and mortality is well documented and has led to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) developing guidelines on identifying and treating obesity.6 Understanding the needs of a plus size person is key, as the individual may require specialised and appropriate solutions corresponding to their clinical needs.

Does your organisation have everything in place so that a plus size person can be effectively managed in a suitable environment whilst maintaining personal dignity?

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