Providing care in remote and rural areas

Nearly 10 million people live in areas of England defined as rural. This number is increasing and the population is growing older.In Wales, around one in three people currently live in an area defined as rural2 and around 20% of Scotland’s population live in areas that have been classified as remote and rural. Delivering high quality care in these areas is challenging and, without careful planning and management, could potentially lead to inequalities in access.3 

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Telehealth can be used to remotely support local health care. Remote support can enable local clinicians, families and caregivers to look after people close to their homes for longer and reduce the need for referrals to acute centres for routine care.3 Across Wales, Health Boards recognise the requirement to provide high quality services in community settings. Initiatives such as social prescribing and telehealth can provide timely access to services outside traditional settings.2

The Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare supports the development and expansion of technology enabled health and care services in Scotland through programmes such as video conferencing enabled services and digital apps.4  NHS Scotland is aiming to provide all remote and rural areas with access to intermediate care services, within Community Hospitals or delivered through augmented care within a patient’s home.

Providing care within a patient’s home needs to be supported by availability of the correct equipment. Arjo can provide access to the latest technology with a range of solutions including community beds, therapeutic support systems and lifters. Our trained technicians are available to deliver equipment at any time (within agreed timescales). 

We understand the importance of responding promptly to a patient’s needs, no matter where they are located. We have over 200 skilled Rental Technicians, trained to a high level, geographically sited across the UK and Ireland to ensure a fast response to your requirements. Our coverage includes the highlands and islands of Scotland, the Isle of Man and Isle of Wight.

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