Reducing risk with Safe Patient Handling programmes

Patient transfers are a frequent occurrence in a variety of healthcare settings. Common patient transfer tasks in care facilities can include: 

  • Bed and chair repositioning  
  • Supine/lateral transfers 
  • Seated transfers  

These tasks are often considered to be very high risk activities for both caregivers and patients alikeThis increased risk of patient and staff injury has led to the development of Safe Patient Handling programmes.  


These programmes promote the reduction of the risks associated with frequent patient transfers through the development and implementation of processes, education and the provision of appropriate equipment and technologies to increase safety for both caregivers and patients.  

At Arjo, we are dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by the challenges of reduced mobility, both patients and caregivers. 

The Arjo Diligent Ergocoach education programme is a facility based solution that aims toequip caregivers with the knowledge and skills to enable them to become peer leaders in Safe Patient Handling.  

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