Social Care Initiatives supporting the NHS

Social care initiatives are helping support the NHS by offering support to reduce delayed discharges from hospital when there is no or limited support at home.

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The British Red Cross has delivered health and social care services since the NHS was established.1 One area of focus has been working in hospitals and the community to help patients go home earlier and cut the risk of repeat falls. It has run pilots to help end ‘pyjama paralysis’, getting patients out of bed and on their feet after studies showed it boosts health and gets them home sooner.2

For the first 72 hours after leaving hospital, the British Red Cross team aim to ensure people have everything they need at home. If the person needs more support, they can offer personalised help for the next 6-12 weeks.1

Optalis Homecare Service also aims to support people to remain in their own home and helps to keep them as independent as possible.They been helping local hospitals by reducing the number of ‘bed blocking’ patients; in the year between November 2017 and November 2018 Optalis claims to have reduced the level of bed blocking, also known as delayed transfers of care, of patients living in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead for whom it is responsible, to zero per cent.4

A ‘delayed transfer of care’ occurs when a patient is ready to leave a hospital or similar care provider but is still occupying a bed.5

This success is reported to have been achieved by Optalis staff teams working in partnership with hospitals and the Clinical Commissioning Group to ensure residents are supported to leave the hospital with the right support in place at home.4

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The Arjo patient transfer solutions, including active and passive lifters, are available to rent and can deliver safe patient handling and mobilisation across long term care and homecare settings. Other products available to rent include bed frames and therapeutic surface solutions which cater to the individual patient’s tissue and mobility needs.

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