Spare Parts: genuine, aftermarket or used?

Why do companies often seem to promote the preferential use of genuine spare parts over other available alternatives?

Service spare partsPrimarily because the use of genuine spare parts is recommended by manufacturers in product user guides to help ensure products perform as designed during their expected service life. This can reduce performance risks and support customers to realise the most value from their original investment.

However, there are an ever increasing number of copy parts available on the market for almost any piece of equipment.

Do we understand the difference between genuine OEM, aftermarket and used and the potential impact this could have? 

Genuine OEM components

Legal manufacturers rarely produce every single component for their manufactured products. Another company is often employed by the legal manufacturer to produce these components. So, an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is the approved producer for use in the legal manufacturer’s products.1 Genuine OEM components used for servicing and repairs are made to the same specification and quality of the components that were used during the manufacture and certification of the equipment. By using OEM parts, you uphold the technical and compliance integrity of products in line with their certification and expected service life.

Aftermarket parts

Aftermarket parts are those not specified by, produced by or connected with the manufacturer.They are designed to be fitted to equipment as a substitute for OEM parts. These might also be called replacement or pattern parts. Aftermarket companies may have bought the rights to manufacture them using a template (pattern) from the original manufacturer.

Used Parts

Otherwise known as salvaged parts, these have been removed from used equipment. It is often not known how long they have been in use or what condition they were in when they were taken off the donor equipment.2

For your peace of mind, we supply only genuine OEM components for service which have been validated on Arjo products, or components which have been specifically designed for Arjo products, to provide the performance detailed in the user guide, and come complete with our warranty.

Using Arjo genuine OEM components to service or repair your product when required can help to ensure that the specification, performance and quality of your product will be as designed throughout its expected service life.

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