Spending too much time looking for equipment?

Healthcare professionals are increasingly tasked with doing more, but with less resources. They need access to a multitude of mobile medical devices to help diagnose, monitor, manage and care for patients’ every single day. Problems can arise when critical equipment is not available in the right place at the right time.


Spending valuable time searching for a much needed piece of equipment can be frustrating and may divert critical resources which could otherwise be used to care for patients. But, by instantly knowing where all your equipment is, you could spend less time searching, more time using it, thereby maximising the:

  • value of your investment in equipment
  • focus of your teams caring for your patients
  • care provided to your patients

Introducing Arjo Locate: Don’t search, just find. Unlike some other tracking systems, Arjo Locate is simple to install, requiring no hardwiring or disruptive installation work. A customer only requires:

  • Access to power outlets
  • Wi-Fi
  • Internet connected devices with screens e.g. PCs, tablets and smart phones

It can be installed in a matter of weeks, depending on facility size, and is ready to use within days following installation.

Arjo Locate incorporates the familiar feel of a touch screen app with a visual and intuitive interface ensuring it is simple to learn and use. Arjo Locate shows the real time location of all tags attached to your equipment, giving you an overview of the location of all your assets at the touch of a button.

To enhance the simplicity of this service, it uses a simple payment model based on a regular subscription. There are no set up fees, no capital equipment costs, no worries over cumbersome installations or warranties; just a single monthly payment.

Spending less time searching for equipment means your staff can free up more time to actually care for patients, which is great for your patients as well as your staff, and ultimately for your care facility.

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