Stop Pressure Ulcer Day activity

Worldwide Stop Pressure Ulcer Day took place on 15th November 2018 with the aim to increase global awareness on pressure ulcer prevention and to educate professionals and the public.

Arjo supported customer activities across the UK and Ireland in a bid to increase awareness around Pressure Ulcer Prevention (PUP).

Helen Piccirilli, Clinical Nurse Advisor, supporting the education and training event at the Royal Gwent Hospital:



Our very own PUP super heroes! Gerry Martin, Senior Nurse Advisor, supporting his customers at Belfast City Hospital and Nigel Coates, Service Technician, saving the day at Queens Hospital:



Arjo has a comprehensive portfolio designed to manage resident and patient outcomes by helping to prevent and treat the complications that are associated with immobility, including Pressure Ulcer Prevention. Please click here for more details on our pressure ulcer prevention solutions.